Cities of the future - the growing technology     

Smart cities are entering a new phase after a decade of experimentation.  The digital solutions

needed will ensure that everyone is fully connected for many years to come. 





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The human impact of automation & AI

Today, many people are talking about AI and just about every new product that gets launched seems

to have an AI element to it. However, at the same time there is much fear surrounding the impact

that automation and artificial intelligence will have.





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Data Centres: build versus buy     

As organizations re-evaluate the need to build, own and operate their own data centres, there is

an emerging trend which is growing rapidly toward outsourcing the data centre to a dedicated data

centre provider



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Home and office telecoms - where cheap is more expensive     

How do you avoid the traps which some telecoms operate to ensure that you get the best deal

whether it is at home or at work. 




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Technology Barn – Creating the Millennial Office     

Years in the planning and months in the preparation, Prism Solutions’ Technology Barn, at 20

John Bradshaw Court on Alexandria Way in Congleton, is reshaping the high tech industry for

the future, and is keep to attracting the Millennial workforce.



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Powering staff for remote working     

As lockdown eases and pandemic spikes occur sending people back into lockdown, we are likely to see

the development of the hybrid office. For tech teams they will need to be able to support both mass,

enforced working from home, as well as office based staff. To do this the right IT infrastructure must be

in place.


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Digital infrastructure and climate change    

The continued growth of the global data centre market is being driven by an explosion of cloud and

internet services.


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