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Powering staff for remote working     

As lockdown eases and pandemic spikes occur sending people back into lockdown, we are likely to see

the development of the hybrid office. For tech teams they will need to be able to support both mass,

enforced working from home, as well as office based staff. To do this the right IT infrastructure must be

in place.


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Digital infrastructure and climate change    

The continued growth of the global data centre market is being driven by an explosion of cloud and

internet services.


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Data Centre design and HPC    

High Performance Computing (HPC) requires next generation cooling deployment and increased power

per rack. Yet, many traditional data centres cannot provide this service, even at a medium density,

without supplementary cooling and support infrastructure or a compromise to the original data centre


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Technology and working from residential properties   

Remote working is fast becoming the norm, but it’s Technology that is holding the key to  productivity

and performance for staff working from residential properties.

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Data Centres and many shades of green   

Every day data centres drain country-sized amounts of electricity and generate carbon emissions as big

as the global airline industry. Yet, while many data centres claim to be green, it appears there are many

shades of ‘green’ in the data centre industry

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Why is Apple associated with high business productivity? 

The impact of WFH during the pandemic has, in many ways, created the ‘always on’ workforce. But to

ensure that all employees are as productive as possible regardless of the location, it is important to have

the right IT infrastructure in place.

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With great power comes great responsibility (and cooling) 
With the demand for cloud services, edge computing, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and other digital
transformation technologies taking hold and hybrid workforces continue to develop, the need for
efficient and sustainable data centres is increasing.

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On campus, co-location, or cloud? 
Higher education and research organizations faced with challenges for urgent digitization of their
applications and data platforms, are now moving their IT infrastructure off-campus and into a
purpose build data centre to ensure that their IT works harder for less.

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