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Three benefits of offshore banking
Offshore banking often brings one of two things to mind: either a type of bank account used exclusively by the ultra-wealthy, or the type of account used by those who have something to hide. The reality is that offshore bank accounts appeal to a broad client base.
Structuring family wealth offshore
As businesses mature and grow, there is an increasing need to protect not only the core business assets, but the family’s personal assets as well.
5 FAQs about offshore banking
Whether you want to safeguard assets for future generations, plan your retirement, or start an international business, offshore banking can be a powerful tool for diversification, asset protection and even wealth creation.
Banking without borders 
Offshore savings accounts often have attractive-looking interest rates attached, but it’s important to keep a look out for charges associated with having an offshore savings account.
The importance of IP for SMEs

It may not always be easy to evaluate the worth of your business’s Intellectual Property, but left unprotected, your invention or creation is at risk of being lost to larger competitors in the market place.

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Children and financial planning
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Planning for retirement
The impact of recession on pensions
The lockdown money revolution
Economic recovery post Covid-19
Millennial Investing
Making your mark
Alternative Investments - what the wealthy choose

European property hotspots
Buying Superyachts via an offshore company

The lifestyle of the rich and famous
Private jets - from the Bahamas to Barbados
Offshore company formations
Selling property off-market
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