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Mortgage Fraud - Risk and prevention in 2021
Mortgage fraud is moving to a professional level both in the home and in respect of investment properties, the risks to lenders are increasing. But there is some practical advice for prevention.
The importance of IP for SMEs

It may not always be easy to evaluate the worth of your business’s Intellectual Property, but left unprotected, your invention or creation is at risk of being lost to larger competitors in the market place.

The impact of COVID-19 on economic substance rules

The rapid deployment of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have had a clear impact on how companies continue to meet their regulatory obligations

The future of offshore banking

Offshore banking is no longer limited to just the super-rich. Many offshore banks are changing their offering and making overseas banking even more accessible. So, what does the future look like for offshore banks?

Financial diversification

Why spreading your wealth across multiple jurisdictions can reduce financial vulnerability, it is important to research where you plan on placing your offshore investments carefully.

How to ensure your childrens assets are protected

Making money is one thing, but protecting it is another – this is particularly true if you want to pass your assets onto your children.

Offshore kids - the benefits of using a trust
Dealing effectively with trespassers
Children and financial planning
The hidden pension cost of divorce
Planning for retirement
The impact of recession on pensions
The lockdown money revolution
Economic recovery post Covid-19
Millennial Investing
Making your mark
Alternative Investments - what the wealthy choose

European property hotspots
Buying Superyachts via an offshore company

The lifestyle of the rich and famous
Private jets - from the Bahamas to Barbados
Offshore company formations
Selling property off-market
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