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Improving the bottom line with mandated spending

Procurement expert Keith Hausmann highlights how CFOs can deliver real cost savings through strategic procurement mandates and autonomous sourcing technology.

Securing savings by focusing on direct spend

If you are serious about curbing your costs, explore how to manage indirect spend, says spend management expert Keith Hausmann.

Embracing digital offshore banking

Today’s always-on consumers come highly informed with specific demands pertaining to offshore banking and the digital revolution. As a result, many offshore banking institutions are now forced to adopt changes to

accommodate their current and potential customer’s ever-changing needs.

Passing on wealth to the next generation

Wealth is increasingly becoming an intergenerational issue, and the question of how and when to pass on wealth to younger generations is becoming increasingly pressing.

Protecting assets during a divorce

Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin hit the headlines after she filed for divorce, but what is shaping up to be an acrimonious divorce is potentially made worse with a lack of pre-emptive planning around asset protection by both parties.

Converting cryptocurrency into cash

As cryptocurrencies gain investor confidence, how much is really known
about it, and what are the implications to consider when

converting crypto to cash?

Are tax havens legal?

A tax haven is a country that offers foreign businesses and individuals minimal or no tax liability for their bank deposits.


WFH & taxes

Those working from home are likely to incur higher bills than they would have done if they had spent all day in the workplace.

Structuring family wealth offshore
Securing savings by focusing on indirect spend
5 FAQs about offshore banking
Banking without borders 
The importance of IP for SMEs
The impact of COVID-19 on economic substance rules
The future of offshore banking
Financial diversification
How to ensure your childrens assets are protected
Offshore kids - the benefits of using a trust
Dealing effectively with trespassers
Children and financial planning
The hidden pension cost of divorce
Planning for retirement
The impact of recession on pensions
The lockdown money revolution
Economic recovery post Covid-19
Millennial Investing
Making your mark
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