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Asset and investment managers, Oxygen ( appoints Amber Luscombe as

its first Head of ESG, to ensure that environment, social issues and corporate governance are

the focus of its strategy and the portfolio of properties within the business.
“I’m really excited to take on this role within Oxygen, building on the fantastic work that we have been implementing across the portfolio.  There is no doubt that strong ESG targets add value and future-proof buildings, it is now about how we deliver and realize these aspirations; this will be a key turning point for the industry,” says Amber Luscombe, Head of ESG, Oxygen.  “At Oxygen we are already well under way in implementing and delivering those targets in construction, and in this role I look forward to driving this further.”
“Oxygen has worked hard to deliver the highest level of ESG credentials in respect of both our buildings that we manage and as a company.  We are becoming class leading in this regard and to support this have appointed Amber to head this up to ensure we continue that focus and always strive to do more,” comments Aston Woodward, Founder, Oxygen.

Established in 2004, Oxygen has an extensive track record of delivering value-add strategies within its real estate portfolio allowing it to protect and enhance value for its clients throughout changing market conditions.

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