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Woven image - heights of design

With the ‘office’ increasing becoming a place for people to connect and collaborate, exchange

ideas and information, the latest additions of Array and Fuji – to the widely popular Roku, Juni

and Ku ceiling acoustic tiles from the Woven Image’s ( Serene Contours

collection takes customizable acoustic ceiling baffle system design to a new level.

Array is a fully customisable acoustic ceiling baffle system, that helps to control reverberated noise in busy, shared spaces.  Baffles utilizes Woven Image’s EchoPanel® in both 12mm and 24mm thicknesses, and is available in a range of in-house designs, or the Woven Image in-house studio can help create something truly unique.  Array has been engineered for quick and easy installation and requires up to 60% less hardware compared to other acoustic baffle systems.

Fuji tiles are Woven Image’s latest innovation in design-led acoustic ceiling finishes.  Compatible with the Array ceiling mount hardware, Fuji tiles are quick and easy to install in both direct fix and suspended applications.  These 3D formed tiles reduce reverberation times through a high sound absorption rating.

Unique installations can be achieved through varying configurations of tile size, colourway, hardware finish and suspension height.  Making a unique contribution to both ceiling aesthetics and acoustic control through its 3D design, they enhance a whole room, especially with coordinated wall finishes. Fuji applications include, but are not limited to, a suspended conference table feature, large scale acoustic ceiling solutions for offices and public spaces.

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