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Work-Life Barriers

As staff begin returning to the workplace, one of the challenges facing organisations is how to

make office spaces safer, effective, and efficient whilst still adhering to government guidelines

of social distancing, in order to ensure that employees feel protected at their working desk or

reception areas.

With the office landscape changing, USM ( has introduced a range of protective attachments suitable for its modular furniture.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, hygiene and protective measures must be treated with the highest priority. To protect employees and customers from mutual contact, devices are required that form a physical protective barrier against the transmission of bacteria and viruses through coughing, sneezing and human contact.  In keeping with the elegant clean design of USM Haller modular furniture there are different solution orientated variants with which you can quickly upgrade existing reception desks and office desking.

USM Privacy Panels are also an ideal way of separating employees, structuring workplaces and defining work areas whilst optimising indoor acoustics. The panels are based on the modular matrix of USM Haller and come in two versions: freestanding room dividers or tabletop versions.  Both forms are practical, fully configurable and can be altered and extended any time as required.  Two half-panels of compacted polyester fleece fold onto the basic frame, a matrix of metal tubes, creating elements whose tubular structures can be slotted together as desired and reconfigured if necessary.

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