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Wireless Logic comments on EV


With the Government’s announcement that from 2022 all new homes will require electric

vehicle (EV)  charging points, we ask Justin Godfrey-Cass, Head of Transport Solutions,

Wireless Logic ( for his views.

“It is great news that the UK Government, today, has made the decision to ensure electric vehicle (EV) charging points will be required in new builds from next year.  As our roads, towns and cities become ever busier with traffic, the effect that the combustion engine has on local environments is more apparent now than ever before.  Over the last few years, air quality around us has lowered as pollution from petrol and diesel-fuelled transport has worsened – in spite of efforts of many car manufacturers to reduce emissions.”
“As this new ruling is due to come into force in 2022, it is likely that an already competitive CPO (charge point operator) landscape will only increase.  For CPOs to connect and maintain their estate of EV charge points seamlessly, being able to remote visibility and access is critical.  Each EV charging point requires connectivity to the grid, user apps, charging systems, operational teams and back office systems.  If something goes wrong, they need to know immediately, in order to avoid revenue loss. It is vital that the Government and construction companies take this into consideration as the UK embarks on this widespread EV charging point rollout.”

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