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Welltek's wellness hub at Clerkenwell Design Week

Workplace wellbeing is a key focus for employers in welcoming people back to the office to thrive, not

just survive. 

Enter Welltek’s ( light, welcoming showroom at Clerkenwell Design Week and breathe in the difference thanks to the Air0 Clean Air System purification system, ensuring indoor air is clean and safe.

The system harnesses state of the art technology to remove even the smallest pollutants from everyday sources such as traffic, smoke, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. 

Whilst traditional air purifiers need to compromise between purification efficiency and the amount of air flow, Air0’s smAIRt® technology excels in both, which is very important in order to be able to efficiently clean the air for the whole room. Very high filtration efficiency and very high air flow results in exceptionally high amounts of clean air. 

All these elements make Welltek the perfect place to unwind during the hectic three days of Clerkenwell Design Week. 

Clerkenwell Design Week is on between 24th and 26th May 2022.

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