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Warehouse home and living


Global lifestyle brand Warehouse Home ( has launched

a property division, offering specialist advice to those looking to buy or sell high-end industrial


The new Warehouse Home property venture is led by two experts; Sophie Bush and Simon Stone. Following a successful career in publishing, Sophie saw a gap in the market for expertise in creating industrial-style interiors.  Drawing on her own experience living in a beautiful East London conversion, she founded and Warehouse Home magazine in 2014 and went on to write a best-selling book and set up an accompanying interior design studio.  Simon, meanwhile, is a residential real estate expert of over 25 years who predicted the potential of areas such a Shoreditch and Hoxton long before they became fashionable.
Warehouse Home has a highly-curated approach to buying and selling warehouse homes, from fully renovated properties to unmodernised ones in need of love and attention.  Each property in the Warehouse Home property porfolio has been carefully selected, with only  those with clear historical, architectural and design merits represented.

This brand new property business specialises exclusively in selling authentic, high-end industrial conversions, from former factories and old mills to converted print-works and riverside wharves – areas which established estate agencies often miss.

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