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Vetrospace pods

As we all return to the workplace, organizations are already investigating how they can make

office spaces safer, effective and efficient whilst still adhering to government guidelines of

social distancing.

In-person meetings will continue to be a challenge, so Bisley ( has brought Vetrospace exclusively to the UK.   Based in Finland, Vetrospace, manufactures unique meeting pods and phone booths that incorporate critical health technology, including anti-microbial lighting, anti-viral nano-coating and clean-air ventilation.  The result is the most hygienic, private modular spaces on the market.

The range of phone booths and meeting pods are uniquely health focused and have the ability to kill bacteria and viruses.  Included in the choice of variants is a CLEAN ROOM and HEALTH variant.

The CLEAN ROOM variant is certified to ISO-7 Clean Room certification and is fitted with Anti-microbial photon disinfection lighting that kills bacteria including MRSA and E-Coli.  ANTiBAC clean lighting is automatically activated when you step into a Vetrospace, which  restricts the growth of microbes.  When you leave the pod, the WiSDOM AiR blue disinfection lights turn on.  This generates a powerful antimicrobial effect, which kills up to 99.9% of microbes, but is completely harmless to humans and material and makes a room clean of all bacteria in six hours.  In addition it has a HEPA filtration system that filters out 99% of all particles in the air entering the room.

The HEALTH variant also comes with the entire room coated in a photocatalytic nano coating that kills viruses on contact including Covid-19.

“Vetrospace is a great addition to the Bisley portfolio.  Post COVID-19 the landscape of the modern workplace will undoubtedly change; having an individual office or meeting space that can kill bacteria and viruses effectively is a vital component of our future healthy working environment,” says Robin Bayliss, Group Sales Director for Bisley.  “We are delighted to be introducing the most technology advanced sound isolation booths to the UK and beyond, where people can concentrate and work more effectively, as well as communicate privately.”  

“Health and wellbeing in the workplace is a top concern for employers and employees, and Vetrospace provides a peaceful and healthy working environment to maximize productivity and eliminate workplace distractions,” adds Jonathan Cole, International Sales Manager for Vetrospace.  “Bisley has a well-known reputation for excellence, which is why we are so excited to announce our new partnership.”

With their new agreement, Bisley has exclusive distribution rights for Vetrospace products in the UK and is the major partner in Ireland, USA, the Middle East, Spain and Germany. 

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