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Transforming the datacentre


With the data centre sector continuing to expand quicker than ever before, with no foreseeable

slowing, Bruceshaw ( explores the transformation of the data centre in

its latest Bruceshaw Voice paper called ‘The Transformation of the Data Centre’ (

The common perception of data centres is that they are shrouded in secrecy, however they are often easy to spot.  They are the buildings with reflective or tinted windows, high level of associated security, lack of obvious branding, with often very few people coming in or out.  As a result, data centres are often tended to be unpopular with local planners.

However, with more of the objects we use day-to-day become ‘smart’ there is no doubt that there will be greater need for larger storage capacity, and thus more data centres.

Covering such aspects as how the data centre market has changed, the deployment of highly innovative IT infrastructure, the need for green energy consumption and the advent of hyperscaling, Bruceshaw’s latest paper gives an insight into what is often perceived as a very secretive industry.