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The future of cities


What does the future of cities look like?  This is the big question answered in Siemens’ new

web-based application that reveals the readiness and potential of six major cities to embrace

digitalisation and develop new ways of living, working and interacting.   
The Atlas of Digitalisation is based around the interconnected themes of Expo 2020 Dubai – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity – and assesses how the fourth industrial revolution has already impacted urban life around the world, and the potential it could have in the future.  


Data from 21 indicators has been analysed from Buenos Aires, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, and Taipei.  From this analysis a Digital Readiness Score has been defined, considering areas such as smart electricity and transport systems, internet connections and digital governance services.


The score reveals the current level of maturity of each city’s digital infrastructure, and its preparedness for a connected future.   “It is tremendous that London is leading the charge in digitalisation among these global cities,” says Juergen Maier, CEO Siemens UK.  “In spite of all the economic uncertainty we have been facing in the UK over the last two years this study shows we are still well placed to achieve leadership globally in the fourth industrial revolution if we continue to invest, innovate and grow responsibly and sustainably.”    


“However there is more to the UK economy than London and our Northern cities particularly in the Northern Powerhouse must also benefit from innovation and investment.  Each city here in the UK and globally must address its own unique mix of challenges and opportunities by embracing digitalisation; the key to sustainable, economically vibrant future cities.”  


“The Atlas of Digitalisation gives us an insight to the current status of digitalisation in global cities, and the data tells us London has already made excellent progress.  We hope the Atlas will inspire new ways of thinking to shape all the smart cities of tomorrow and realise the global potential of City 4.0,” added Maier.  


Visit the Atlas of Digitalisation at: 

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