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Shedding the light on WFH

Many people have got into a rhythm for their working day at home, but how they work and the

furniture that they use will begin to impact on their health.  There are many things to consider

when working from home and how to light your space should not be overlooked. Studies show

that proper lighting can benefit decision making, emotions and increase overall energy levels.

Humanscale (, a world leader in designing and creating ergonomic innovations, has created its intuitive task lights help to reduce eye strain and improve computer-based reading because computers, laptops and tablets are backlit.  Yet our eyes need as much as 20 times more light when reading paper based documents, so Humanscale task lights offer comfortable lighting no matter where you are working from.

Originally designed to accommodate the blurring lines between office and home, Humanscale Design Studio created Nova, a highly versatile LED task light that combines industry-leading technology with a sleek design.  Nova was designed with a timeless aesthetic and long-lasting durability.  Designed to complement any work surface and enhance any workstyle, the Nova task light offers endless adaptability in a striking, sculptural form.  The custom lens and LED array create a uniform pool of glare-free light that can be adjusted exactly to each user's preference. Nova’s counterbalance arms rotate up to 180 degrees, offering exceptional customization and ergonomic benefits; they also allow the fixture’s body and head to be effortlessly adjusted with one hand.

To ensure the arm stays in place without slippage or bounce, ‘Forever Hinges’ keep the light focused precisely where you want it to be.  Nova features not only the highest efficiency LED chip on the market, requiring a mere 7 watts to deliver a powerful 440 lumens of light, but also an occupancy sensor that automatically shuts off the fixture when no one is present. Energy Star-certified to benefit people and the planet, Nova is a lighting solution for today and the future.

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