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Safe office return with Prolojik


A key to restoring confidence as employees return to the office is the ability to provide insights

for user of live, accurate, targeted, and relevant data and information on key factors such as

air quality, safe occupation densities, management of optimum environments or giving

workers the ability to identify where the appropriate space is available for their work, says lighting specialists, Prolojik (

To achieve this, Prolojik has developed a series of sensing technologies which can work alongside its lighting control networks, or can be implemented independently to support space insight.   These solutions apply equally to new build and retro-fit spaces to quickly and effectively support: Targeted Messaging; Indoor Navigation; Environmental Monitoring; Building Sanitisation; Physical Distancing; Profile-based Control; Lone Worker Monitoring; and Revenue Leakage.

Prolojik’s CPD presentation will be of particular interest to developers/landlords, end users, building consultants and facilities managers.