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Safe and secure personal storage

Pioneer of innovative storage solutions, Bisley ( has delivered

stunning and cost-effective, durable personal storage that met the highest standards of

hygiene for use in the Al Ain Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

Established over 45 years ago, Al Ain Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Al Ain City, with 402 beds and 35 medical departments.   Housing such a large and varied medical team, the hospital required a high volume of lockers, which needed to be able to travel well in the heat and humidity, particularly as the products were to be stored in 40’ containers that would be exposed to temperatures reaching as high as 50°C without air conditioning.

The product also needed to be durable and hard-wearing with an extensive range of colourways to choose from, while still boasting a competitive price. Bisley and steel are synonymous, but on this occasion, CPL (Compact Pressure Laminate) provided the best fit for the needs of the project, taking into account any potential environmental factors. The end product of the healthcare storage project resulted in 4,500 lockers including benches made entirely of CPL.

A great alternative to steel, the use of CPL produced lockers of long-lasting quality that would not damage easily, with all the aesthetically stimulating attributes of steel-based products.

The efficient Bisley service resulted in the provision of lockers that were quick and easy to install upon arrival, with Digilock locks fitted to ensure users were able to feel confident in the security of the units.

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