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Rainlight and Okumura wins award


The Nagare collection, a collaborative work by Rainlight and Okumura

( which embodies experimental design, wins in the

Furniture category at the Good Design Awards 2020.

The annual GOOD DESIGN® Awards Program is presented by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press Ltd, and showcases the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced globally.

Founded by former MoMA curator Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. in 1950s Chicago, along with Modernist innovators Charles and Ray Eames, Russel Wright, George Nelson, and Eero Saarinen, the event honours designers and manufacturers from around 50 nations for their individual achievements in producing hallmarks of contemporary design.

It is a great achievement for Rainlight and Okamura’s collaboration in workplace innovation to be recognised by the prestigious GOOD DESIGN® Awards Program.

Nagare, which means ‘flow’ in Japanese, responds to the way people work today.  The range of seating and tables, inspired by nature, brings a gentle sense of movement, and creates a quiet haven in the workplace.

Nagare was designed to support repose, introspection, and mindfulness.  Reminiscent of forms found in nature, each of the collection’s elements present a visually bold, sculptural perspective while remaining highly functional, including necessary features like USB ports.  The collection is comprised of 2 distinct families of products- Nagare Lounge and Nagare Platform, each feature accompanying accessories and tables to create a complete design for a wide variety of lounge, workplace, educational and hospitality environments.

Commenting on the Nagare collection and its relevance in today’s workplace, Founder and Creative Director of Rainlight Yorgo Lykouria says, “Modern life is predicated on speed.  When we evoke nature as a companion to our work, we bring harmony and a point of reference back into our daily lives.”

The collection of two families – Lounge and Platform – possess a sculptural quality that makes a bold aesthetic statement, while also being highly functional.  The pieces have been carefully designed to help people work more effectively whenever and wherever work might happen.

Lounge is intended as a statement piece and takes its cue from rock formations, almost looking as though it might have been hewn from the earth.  This visually bold sofa features a power socket and USB ports and is ideal for reception spaces and client lounge areas, where visitors can plug in and recharge with ease.

Meanwhile Platform has a lighter, more ethereal aesthetic that allows users to perch on its horizontal plane and perform any number of tasks.  It is designed to facilitate informal ways of working in the shared areas of the office, encouraging collaborative activities and impromptu meetings, as well as allowing solo workers the opportunity to spread out and have space to think.

Nagare is available with a number of accessories, and also comes in a huge variety of upholstery finishes.