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Nova light from Human Scale

With timeless design and near-perfect quality of light, the new Nova light from ergonomic

specialist, Humanscale ( is designed to last at least 50,000 hours or

20 years of regular office use and is made of 50% recycled content by weight, and 70% of its

material is recyclable and is in-line with Humanscale’s commitment to sustainability in terms of meeting new green goals each year, reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Designed to complement any worksurface from a home office to a corporate environment and enhance any work style, the Nova, single-handedly provides the right amount of desk illumination without the need for addition light sources.

Nova’s custom occupancy sensor lens was created as a result of extensive research.  Humanscale collaborated with the world’s leading optical engineers to design a lens that fits seamlessly into the design.  Together with an LED light, it creates a uniform pool of glare-free light that can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the user.

The light’s smooth counterbalance arm can pushed and pulled to any position, including rotating up to 180 degrees, allowing for maximum customisation.  Its ‘forever hinges’ ensure the arm stays in place without slipping or bounce, once the optimum position has been found.  Nova’s sturdy construction doesn’t mean that it comprises on aesthetics.

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