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New London Architecture’s (NLA) London Centre is the latest to feature a reused lighting system from

FUTURE Designs ( under its carbon careful™ initiative

( where light fixtures previously supplied by FUTURE

Designs some ten years ago are repurposed and adapted from their end of life fluorescent to LED luminaires.

“Our carbon careful™ initiative could be described as our “best kept secret”, says David Clements, Chief Executive, FUTURE Designs.  “A a hugely efficient design and manufacturing business we have always endeavoured to keep waste to a minimum, and now as the world is faced with a growing necessity to Refurbish, Reuse and Restore wherever feasible, we are sharing our story and expertise to encourage more organizations to follow suit.”

The London Centre, which can be found in the West Wing of Guildhall features a permanent exhibition entitled Change, Opportunity, Vision which explores the transformation of London in the last two decades, and provides a hub for events, education, and cultural activities.

FUTURE Designs also supplied its latest NARO track system and associated spot heads to illuminate the magnificent models of London that adorn the new premises.  With directional light from the NARO system, spotlights can be focused at specific elements, highlighting features, exhibits and areas across all three London architectural models: the New London Model which shows a 200 square kilometre portion of Central London plus the City of London Model, and the Royal Docks Model, which are shown together for the first time.

Additionally, FUTURE Design’s carbon careful™adapted STERN luminaires provide general illuminance across the space via a Bluetooth controlled tuneable white dimmable system to allow for altering the ambience according to the type of event being held in this exceptional space.  

Overall, the complete lighting system has reduced the carbon used via the lighting by circa 53% on the original installation, and the reuse of the STERN carcasses saves around 0.5 ton of steel being mined and fabricated into usable.

Opened on 20 April 2023, the London Centre will provide an accessible space for everyone interested in how the City of London continues to develop.

NLA goes FUTURE carbon careful
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