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Meeting Pods

The Meeting Pod Co’s ( freestanding meeting spaces utilise the

‘third space’ in an office or educational environment, occupying a footprint which is 40% less

than that of a meeting room. 


Fully customisable, the Pods are made at the company’s Isle of Wight factory.  Integrated lighting, power, audio visual equipment, acoustic dampening materials and super comfortable upholstery options are available.  The outdoor pods can even be fitted with solar panels to create an energy efficient means of charging a phone in a sheltered environment. 


The Meeting Pod’s can be placed in any space and are modular, meaning they can be configured and reconfigured to suit changing situations, providing peace, privacy and space for concentrated and collaborative working.


“Our Meeting Pod is the perfect meeting room substitution.  The Escape Pod offers you that ever-needed breakout zone, and our revamped Outdoor Pod allows for a brilliant escape from office life,” says Mike Dalloz, Managing Director of The Meeting Pod Company.  

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