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HPF becomes HDR


Further to its acquisition in June 2019, the Hurley Palmer Flatt Group becomes HDR ( 

The change in name marks a milestone in the successful integration between HDR and Hurley Palmer

Flatt Group (comprising Hurley Palmer Flatt, Andrew Reid, Bradbrook Consulting and Concentre

Consulting).  It also signifies the global expansion of leading-edge service offerings and locations. The respected legacy of Hurley Palmer Flatt is fully encompassed within the HDR global structure, with the original leadership team now responsible for more regions and broader remits.

“The full integration of the HDR brand is a welcome landmark in what has been a fantastic journey, as the synergy between the businesses is being fully realized.  The HDR name and the brand values it represents – listening to our clients, pushing boundaries, assembling the right experts for every project – have informed the way we have been practicing engineering for more than 50 years,” says Paul Flatt, Group President, Building Engineering Services (BES) at HDR.

“The Building Engineering Services (BES) practice has been in operation for a year now, and we have built upon the existing achievements of Hurley Palmer Flatt Group within the market and made significant progress, exceeding key targets in many areas,” continues Flatt.  “We continue to work with global tech giants and major property corporations across 26 countries, which is a testament to all our staff.  My team and I look forward to continued success with HDR.”

Through its BES group, HDR can provide Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health; structural and civil engineering; commissioning; sustainability; cyber security and SMART strategies for cities and buildings in diverse markets. The firm’s geographic reach now also encompasses Europe, the United States and Canada, Germany, Australia, the Middle East, Hong Kong and China.

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