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Hot water demand grows

The commercial water heater market is expected to grow to more than £5.4 billion by 2024,

according to research by Global Market Insights (

Significant investment toward the development of smart cities and construction of new,

sustainable, infrastructure is enhancing the overall industry outlook.  While, product adoption, notably for refurbishment of existing systems, is also being encouraged by the provision of more compact, energy-efficient models that provide cost savings and help organisations address their carbon footprint as they are encouraged towards achieving Net Zero.

“We recognize the business-critical nature of hot water for commercial businesses and create bespoke systems that ensure demands are met whilst also helping to address sustainability and providing clear operational savings,” says Commercial heating and hot water specialist Adveco (

“Our application design, supply and commissioning process ensures customers gain access to a comprehensive range of commercial gas water heaters, including the BFC Cyclone and Innovo gas appliances and the DRE and EES electric water heaters all from A.O. Smith (

Technology is driving growth in the gas water heater market and the deployment of gas variants is seeing significant cost savings owing to accessibility to low-cost natural gas across gas abundant regions.  This makes it highly suitable for commercial application and is expected to further enhance the industry’s outlook.