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HDR to sponsor IHIF 2022


Engineering consultancy HDR ( announces its support for the International Hospitality

Investment  Forum 2022, the leading annual conference and exhibition for the global hotel industry. 

The theme of this year’s event is People, Planet and Profit with points of discussion including how investors, owners and operators can work together to deliver for their guests, their staff and the planet, as well as how they can adapt and thrive in the hospitality sector. 

Over 200 speakers will be in attendance, ready to educate, interact and provide masterclasses. As part of this expert speaking programme, HDR’s Energy and Sustainability Director Paul Scriven will be taking part in a panel, discussing ‘Construction and Design for Sustainable Hospitality’ on Thursday 5th May 2022 at 1pm on the ESG Track Stage. 

With three decades of experience in the engineering sector and over 20 years as a sustainability consultant, designing the built environment, Scriven leads the way for a continued drive to delivering zero carbon and holistic sustainable solutions, accounting for the triple-bottom environment, social and economic impacts.

“I’m looking forward to participating in the ‘Construction and design for sustainable hospitality’ panel session'", explains Paul Scriven, Energy and Sustainability Director, HDR.

"Environmental, social and governance (ESG) ambitions are among the top considerations for our clients at the moment, and those within the hospitality sector are no exception. It’s never been more important to consider how sustainable planning, modelling and design can empower businesses. 

"At HDR we can help organizations build resilience and achieve and exceed their ESG and sustainability goals.” 

HDR has a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, enhancing the guest experience for over 40 years. Their focus is to build operational energy efficiency and sustainability into the design of every hospitality venue they work on. This sustainable design approach focuses on getting the right balance between form and function, maximising operational efficiency, while delivering outstanding experiences for guests.

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