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FUTURE reilluminates London Bridge complex

Innovative lighting manufacturer FUTURE Designs ( wins

the contract to upgrade fluorescent lighting to LED in 400,000 sq ft at the London Bridge office

complex.  The upgrade will see FUTURE Designs adapt around 6,000 previously supplied

luminaires to latest generation LED under its carbon careful™ initiative utilizing the existing luminaire carcass.

The client’s decision to invest in the latest sustainable technology (LED) and product reuse which not only hugely reduces the energy (carbon) use within the premises but reduces the extraction from the earth’s crust and is expected to give 61% energy and carbon savings in the adaptations compared to the original fluorescent lighting system.  Additionally, the reuse of the existing luminaire carcasses will save 7.9 tons of mild steel being produced with an immeasurable quantity of carbon saving from extracting precious minerals from the earth’s crust.

The project under the carbon careful™ initiative will take the total office space reilluminated to over 4 million sq ft to date.

In 2014 FUTURE Designs developed a specific fluorescent lighting system for installation in this iconic office space.  This was one of the final major projects where FUTURE Designs provided fluorescent lighting prior to the advent of solid-state LED becoming the lighting medium of choice. 

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