Selling property off-market
The evolution of the estate agent is upon us and now is the time to consider selling property 


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Why you need to bank offshore

Contrary to popular belief offshore banking is not just for the ultra-wealthy.  Anyone can have an

offshore bank account and reap the benefits of flexible, safe, and easy to access financial services.       

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Offshore company formations

Starting a business brings with it its own set of challenges, and when it comes to offshore company formations there are many benefits on offer for start-ups and SMEs.  

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Buying superyachts via an offshore company

A superyacht is a floating liability, and owners need to understand the legalities surrounding

purchase and ownership, in addition to the steps which need to be taken to protect luxury assets.

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Private jets - from the Bahamas to Barbados

Private jets are the path of least resistance, if you can afford it and experience it, they are considered

one of the ultimate assets. 

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The lifestyle of the  rich and famous

Did you know that there are more ultra-wealthy people around the world than the populations of Iceland, Malta or Belize?  Yet, not all high net worth individuals have the same approach to money and investments.

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