Offshore banking - breaking the taboo

Offshore banking is often slandered, and most commonly associated with tax evasion.  But

this begs to question – what do people really know about offshore banking and why it’s not

what you think?

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HMOs – When three’s a crowd leads to a Fine

Ignorance is no defence in law and one property owner near Brighton had a narrow escape when their investment property in London was rented out to a couple and the couple’s friend.

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European property hotspots 2019

Are you planning to buy property in Europe for a holiday home, lifestyle change, or as an investment

in 2019?  Here are Halo Financial’s Top 12 predictions for European property hotspots in 2019.

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North American property hotspots 2019     

Following our feature on the top 12 places to buy property in Europe in 2019, either for a lifestyle

change or as an investment, here are Halo Financial’s Top 10 North American property hotspots to

consider in the USA and Canada.  Some old favourites and new opportunities make the list this year.  

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Property guardianship and the lease/licence distinction

The  legal distinction between a lease and a licence is of fundamental importance, as it can have very

significant implications for anyone owning or occupying premises.

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Case Study: Brunel Independent Mortgages

Brunel looked at various solutions to their issue and needed to find a something that was both

economical and easy to use for all their staff.


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