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Results from a recent survey by SaveMoneyCutCarbon questions whether smart meters are

really serving customers or just energy companies. (

As lockdown measures in the UK continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people use more energy and water at home, the survey shows that 85% of people are unaware of their yearly electricity usage despite 66% having smart meters in their homes to monitor their energy usage.  With people working, educating, feeding and entertaining themselves at home, midday energy usage is currently spiking by 30% according to energy company, Ovo, while Bulb reports a 27% midday surge.

In terms of electricity usage, the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Survey shows that 50.7% of those surveyed leave laptops on charge while working; 4.4% leave more than five devices to charge overnight; while 25.8% don’t leave any phones, laptops or tablets on charge overnight.

“Clearly, Britain is heading in the right direction as the country shifts from conspicuous and unconscious consumption of energy and water to one that understands, conserves and reduces mentality,” says Mark Sait, CEO at SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

“But there still needs to be more education, and more attention to the finer detail of how to cut down on energy consumption as well as reducing carbon output and it must raise the question if the hugely costly roll out or smart meters is actually benefiting the consumer, are households actually looking at the meters in their houses, or are the real winner the energy companies in making collecting their billing information easier and lower cost.”

The SaveMoneyCutCarbon survey is part of a five year ongoing research designed to track the usage of energy and water in the home, homeowners’ awareness of how to reduce their usage, and the impact this can have on their carbon footprint.  

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