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Countdown on Workspace Design Show begins


In less than two months, Workspace Design Show (https:// will open its

doors, welcoming the commercial interiors community to discover and discuss tomorrow’s places of

work at London’s Business Design Centre from 4-5 November 2021.

The show brings together the latest products in the sector and celebrates the creativity of workplace design.  After a year and half of working from home, we are in a moment of transition.  According to Microsoft’s 2021 Annual Work Trend Index, 66% of businesses said they were considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work environments.  Meanwhile, nearly three quarters of Gen Z want more opportunities to collaborate with colleagues face-to-face and the chance for career development and mentoring within the physical office space should not be underestimated.

Workspace Design Show offers a great opportunity to explore these key themes in our new working normal. The demand for inspiring office spaces is evidenced by the quality of exhibitors at the event.

Humanscale is launching a new version of its Liberty Ocean chair, which uses two pounds of recycled fishing nets, a material widely regarded as the most harmful type of plastic.  Also featured at the show will be the new DESSO® Serene and Serene Colour collections from Tarkett, launched this year and designed specifically to apply a much-needed human touch to workplace interiors.  The subtle patterns of DESSO Serene and Serene Colour take creative cues from the serenity of watercolour paintings.  

The Workspace Design Show’s talks programme features a range of high profile thought leaders including May Fawzy, Founder of MF Design Studio and Director at BIID, Katrina Kostic Samen, Head of Workplace Design at KKS Savills, Claire Ness, Inclusive Design Lead at HMRC.

One of the best features at the WDS is the VIP lounge designed by Rainlight, built by AASK US and curated by Obolife.  The lounge is designed to represent the ephemerality of our world, which has been enhanced by the recent year of remote working and our increased reliance on digital communications.  The design also reflects the way the outside world is brought into our homes in a way that we never have before experienced.  The lounge will be realized in raw aluminium profiles and expanded metal mesh.  These are 100% recyclable materials and do not contain any harmful coatings or use any harmful processes.

In addition, Square Mile Farms will be showcasing one of their innovative Farmstands – growing ultra-fresh veg and herbs.  They will be harvesting the produce grown in this hydroponic growing tower on day 2 of the Show, and will make it available to attendees.

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