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Coronavirus impacts assets


Growing concern about Coronavirus is triggering panic amongst financial markets, and with

the Hang Seng Index, FTSE 100 and Nikkei falling, it’s no wonder that global investors are


“This should serve as a forewarning to investors, to ensure first and foremost that their portfolio is well-diversified across asset classes, regions, sectors and currencies,” advises Granville Turner, Director at Company Formation Specialists, Turner Little (

“This is not only the best way to mitigate risks but also ensures you are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.  It’s important to understand in cases such as this, that economic impact is not directly related to the number of people who get sick, or even die in some cases, but depends on the indirect effects of the decisions that both individuals and businesses make on how they react to the threat.”

“The most important thing to do is plan.  Effective planning ensures that no matter what happens, you will always remain in control of your assets.  A robust plan employs legal strategies and can include separate legal structures or arrangements such as corporations, partnerships or trusts,” says Granville.

“It’s important to remember that most asset protection measures don’t work if you’re already in trouble, so the most effective protection must be put in place before you even think you need it.”

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