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Breathe easy in the office


The air we breathe is of paramount importance as we return to the office, and WellTek

( a leading provider of products that support wellbeing in the

workplace, has introduces its Air0 Clean Air System to the UK ensuring that indoor air is clean

and safe to breathe.

Indoor air is polluted by multiple everyday sources including traffic, smoke, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, from miniscule pollutants which are impossible for the human body to detect or stop before they enter into our lungs and even all the way into our blood circulation and are incredibly harmful.  

Not only will polluted air make people less productive and feeling dizzy or tired at work, there is also the potential for viruses and bacteria to  travel in the air spreading infectious diseases, causing an elevated health risk of lung cancer, strokes and other respiratory illnesses.

The Air0 purifiers are an elegant and sleek design; made of wood, with hand-crafted details and can be customized to suit their surroundings.  While its state of the art technology tackles indoor air quality issues by removing even the smallest pollutants.

Air0’s patented smAIRt® air purification technology is different from traditional air purification technologies due to the amount of clean air it is able to produce.  Whilst traditional air purifiers need to compromise between purification efficiency and the amount of air flow, Air0’s smAIRt® technology excels in both, which is very important in order to be able to efficiently clean the air for the whole room.  Very high filtration efficiency and very high air flow results in exceptionally high amounts of clean air.
The beauty of the smAIRt® technology is in the charging chamber. The pollutants pass the charger with such speed that not all of them get an electrical charge.  However, spending some time in the charging chamber with other charged pollutants, the pollutants will effectively get charged.  This is very different from traditional electrical filtration, which is limited by the air flow speed, as it needs to charge directly all the passing particles.  Continuing forward, the fine-particle filters will then collect the charged pollutants effectively.  The charge enables filter material to be looser-knit than traditional, very tight-knit HEPA filter, again enabling high air flow through the filter.

The innovation by Air0 means that it continuously measures the levels of air pollutants in indoor air with high quality indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors.  Combining these elements into one IoT system allows all elements to be connected to Air0 Cloud.  The connected system can be scaled up to incorporate an unlimited number of sensors and purifiers, and can be fully managed and monitored centrally via the Air0 App and Web solutions.