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PROPERTY FINANCE & lifestyle brings together advice from a mix of experts in the field of finance, property, IT and lifestyle to inspire High Net Worth individuals / CEOs /  CFOs / IT and all asset management and finance professionals looking for inspiration when expanding their property portfolios, and provides an insight into the technology and innovation solutions available for both business and the home.


Articles discuss property as an asset class and property development; finance including investment, buy-to-let and mortgages; Interior design and architecture; technology, data centres, IT security, IoT, and productivity; smart homes; property investment and refurbishment; smart cities; environmental issues; commercial and industrial property including retail, hotel and leisure developments; residential and luxury property; retirement living; student accommodation estate management; 

facilities and security; market insights and analytics.


PROPERTY FINANCE & lifestyle also carries articles on Lifestyle and culture including Luxury goods, cars, jewellery, yachts, and art as an asset class; as well as risk and reward factors, and case studies.

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Maximizing tax efficiency

As we settle into the new tax year for 2024, now is the time to reassess the tax strategies of high net worth individuals, business owners, and SMEs.

A new home for SMEs
It’s safe to say that SME operations changed for good due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst a perfect storm of lockdowns and supply chain curtailments, small to medium businesses faced various challenges that they’ve needed to adapt to exceptionally quickly.

Focusing on indirect spend 

If you are serious about curbing your costs, explore how to manage indirect spend, says spend management expert Keith Hausmann.

Converting cryptocurrencies into cash

As cryptocurrencies gain investor confidence, how much is really known about it, and what are the implications to consider when

converting crypto to cash?

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