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PROPERTY FINANCE & lifestyle brings together advice from a mix of experts in the field of finance, property, IT and lifestyle to inspire High Net Worth individuals/CEOs/CFOs/IT and all asset management and finance professionals looking for inspiration when expanding their property portfolios, and provides an insight into the technology and innovation solutions available for both business and the home.


Articles discuss property as an asset class and property development; finance including investment, buy-to-let and mortgages; Interior design and architecture; technology, data centres, IT security, IoT, and productivity; smart homes; property investment and refurbishment; smart cities; environmental issues; commercial and industrial property including retail, hotel and leisure developments; residential and luxury property; retirement living; student accommodation estate management; 

facilities and security; market insights and analytics.


PROPERTY FINANCE & lifestyle also carries articles on Lifestyle and culture including Luxury goods, cars, jewellery, yachts, and art as an asset class; as well as risk and reward factors, and case studies.

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Why is Apple associated with high  business productivity?

The impact of WFH during the pandemic has, in many ways, created the ‘always on’ workforce. But to ensure that all employees are as productive as possible regardless of the location, it is important to have the right IT infrastructure in place.

Mortgage Fraud - Risk and prevention in 2021

Mortgage fraud is moving to a professional level both in the home and in respect of investment properties, the risks to lenders are increasing. But there is some practical advice for prevention.

Planning relaxations for commercial property

Changes to the planning system means tighter restrictions on amenity and Space Standards for new dwellings delivered through permitted development. 

Leasehold reforms on the horizon

The UK Government’s recent announcement that legislation to significantly reform leasehold property ownership is on the horizon could impact mortgage lenders, landlords, portfolio investors and all those operating within the ‘living’ sector.